TMH Secrets for Profit Growth

Traditional practice policies for PROFIT increase usually involve MORE production, resulting in an unfortunate time obsession and in disgruntled staff…….more patients, procedures, and billable hours. This strategy translates into less time for the relationships and pleasures of practice. More……..

Psych Practice Uses TMH to Grow Efficiency

Avenia Behavioral Management is the premiere provider of Tele-Psychiatry services for the Medicare and Medicaid community in Georgia. Dr. Russel Brown, CEO, is a pioneer in the use of videoconferencing and videoconsultation to improve the effectiveness and convenience. His company provides and supports Mental Health/Substance Abuse services in the community. More…..

Senior Care: Where’s the ROI?

The senior care industry is impressed with the Return on Investment (ROI) of Telehealth applications. When an organization asks about ROI, they’re really asking: what’s this technology really worth in value to our customers AND what do we get back for this investment? Internet based mental healthcare, called Telemental Healthcare (TMH), has become much less expensive and HIPAA compliance issues are resolved. More….